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Help Japan Heal With A Free 3/11-Day Single From i-dep and Shing02

Yokohama, Japan — March 12th, 2012 — One year ago on Match 11th, Japan was hit with an earthquake that generated a tsunami, devastating the country. 

“Fuku” is a song produced by i-dep and featuring the (English) words of Shing02. Together they made a song that explores the feeling of that sudden tragedy and that looks to uplift Japan and help the healing. i-dep and HearJapan are offering it as a free download that also includes a lyric sheet in both English and Japanese.

i-dep is the wildly popular group led by Hiroshi Nakamura.  Their music is based in house but crosses over into a diverse range of genres and have cracked the top 5 of the oricon charts in Japan.  Shing02 is one of the most respected Japanese hip hop rappers in the underground scene of Japan.  Having grown up in both Japan and America, he is able to rap fluently in both languages and has an intense following in both countries.

Check out the free download of “Fuku” now and help spread the uplifting feelings as Japan continues to recover from the events of 3/11.  This single will only be available until March 18th as part of a week of remembrance. 



Free download of “Fuku feat. Shing02”:

More from i-dep:


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